US warmongers?

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US warmongers? The USA needs a war every 4 years to maintain their economic growth.

US warmongers

US warmongers

“This is not a secret”, Kris Roman – Director of the Geopolitical research centre Euro-Rus – says. “The US economy is based on the military theme: to maintain their economic growth, the USA needs a war every 4 years, on the contrary their economic growth slows down”.

The Belgian expert believes that with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the NATO would have ceased to exist, but somehow it has grown to the size of the universe, because of the motto “The Russians are coming!” and this is still relevant.

Now, because of the chaos in Ukraine, this opportunity has appeared again and it is actively developed. The older generation, who grew up with the propaganda against the Soviet Union, has already accepted the idea of an inevitable conflict with Russia.

The whole economy of this country is built on the military theme, but the United States cannot fight alone, they need some allies, but NATO members, who are suffering a crisis, cannot increase the appropriations for the military budget, so Europe is under pressure.

The same type of war aimed against Russia has been used previously against Iraq and Libya too.


“Our media cannot lie on the facts – continues Roman - they prefer not to say anything because they cannot say the truth. The official motto is that “it’s Russia’s fault”. 

Do you remember the Boeing MH17 that crashed near Donetsk in July 2014? Well, our media have started to scream that it is Russia’s fault when it was still falling . Now there are facts that the Russians didn’t knocked him down, and as a result, we no longer speak of the investigation . The silence says that truth is on the side of the Belgian and European media. If they had never had anything on the involvement of Russia in the crash they would have shouted from morning to evening”.

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