Italy: a dream called retirement

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Italy: a dream called retirement

Unemployed or temporary employed: this is the actual situation of the young working class in Italy who will follow a dream called retirement. Let’s see why.



The actual new generation in Italy will be the first, after the Second World War, to face worse conditions than those of their parents. This generation will receive a very poor pension or nothing. The data say that today only 40% of the young workers aged 25-34 years receive a salary of 1.000 Euro per month and, following the data, we can say that most of them, 65%,  will receive less than 1.000 Euro per month tomorrow.

This is the situation in numbers:

3.4 million of young people working with a standard contract

890.000, aged 25-34, self employed or working with contracts of collaboration

2.3 million are not studying nor working

If this situation will continue without any change these young people will be the poor old people of tomorrow always dreaming about their retirement.

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