Dubai state of mind

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Dubai state of mind. Avete presente la canzone di Alycia Keys “Empire State of mind” dedicata alla sua New York? Beh, Dubai non poteva essere da meno, questa è la versione del rapper Mo Mansour.


Goodbye Canada, I must say you will be missed,
I trade my winter gloves for a pair of oven mits,
Flip flops in December, damn I’m loving this,
And I can still go skiing at the Mall of the Emirates.
All jokes aside… Dubai’s the best,
Just host a visitor and tell me if he’s not impressed,
Built from the desert but, you woulda never guessed,
Best of the Middle East, sprinkled with some West.
Perfect place to travel from, but this is where my base is,
What a perfect blend of fifty different places,
All the diverse cultures, languages, and races,
Adds a real spice to life that everyone embraces.
From a desert with some shrubs to a world hub,
From not being on the map, to it’s own rap.
Sheikh Mohamed raised his vision straight to the sky,
Make your arms do the same, let’s hear it for:
I say hamdullah that things are back to goin’ well,
The economy and buildings are both growin’ well,
So bring the tourists on, we’ll play some show-and-tell,
Let’s add two to a five star hotel.
That’s the Burj Al Arab, in case you didn’t get it,
Just pick a record out, let’s make a bet we set it.
And if it’s set then we’ll break it and we will maintain,
Look up at the Burj Khalifa, just make sure your neck don’t sprain.
Wanna see some culture? You can see them all,
Wanna do some shopping? You should see the malls,
Shopping on a budget? You can hit Karama.
Wanna see Atlantis? You can skip Bahamas.
Lookin for some nightlife? Don’t have to look too far,
Pre-game at Caramel, party at Boudoir.
Some say its artificial, more like official art,
You really can’t deny, this city’s got some heart.
Something charming bout the old Dubai like Bur Dubai and Deira,
But I still prefer the new Dubai like Downtown and Jumeirah,
And I love the other Emirates from Abu to Fujeirah,
But you really can’t deny that the action’s over here.
We could go to JBR and just chill and tan,
Or take a tour of some islands that were made by man,
Big events are every month so you don’t have to make a plan,
Rugby 7’s, Tennis Open, or the World Cup at Meydan,
And I’m barely scratching the surface,
This city’s got way too much for just a couple of verses.
So if you need some more reasons to come and visit just aks me,
Or better yet just move here, it’s tax free.
They come in winters when the weather is a dream to ‘em,
Take off in summer when the city is a steam room.
The only two seasons are warm and hot,
It’s no wonder that this city’s such a melting pot.

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