Digital Economy: a new era in Italy

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Digital Economy: a new era in Italy. Netflix and Kickstarter are finally landed in Italy and will completely change the Italian digital economy.



Netflix, the famous video streaming platform, and Kickstarter, the crowd funding platform, are finally landed in Italy and will completely change the Italian digital economy.

In the last two weeks, Italy has finally welcomed two among the most important digital economy platforms. Both of them have created a new market, that is the video streaming through a subscription for the first and the on-line support to ideas and projects for the latter.

Netflix is facing the problem of the TV rights on two of its major programmes, “House of Cards” and “Orange is the new black”, trying to widen the choice of programmes with interesting offers to have more subscriptions, to take more Italian people on-line and to transform the viewers of pirated videos in paying spectators.

In the USA it was a success, but we have to wait some months to say the same, as the Italian version of the website will be available in October.


Kickstarter was a great success too in the USA, with 1 billion and 700 thousand dollars raised on 80 thousand projects in 6 years. In Italy, the platform is accessible from last week.

Following the data, more than 50 Italian platforms have raised less than one-third of the funding raised in America. Kickstarter promises a higher payoff, together with an international  visibility, capable of pushing the projects.

Moreover, one of the important things Kickstarter has to offer is the presence of serial supporters, those who monitor the platform and look for more projects to finance.


It seems that everyone will benefit from this new platform: those who will introduce their projects and will have a higher visibility, and the other platforms who, after some months, will have more traffic as people will be more aware of the crowd funding. They will be stimulated to do well to stay on the market or, on the contrary, to leave as the real leader has taken the field.

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