Competition: new ordinance in Italy

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Competition: new ordinance in Italy

A new ordinance on competition concerning different sectors has been announced in these days in Italy. Let’s see what the document is about.



A new ordinance on competition has been announced in Italy in the last days. The ordinance will have effects on insurance, communication, post, energy, bank, lawyers, notary public and pharmacies. The aim of the ordinance is to stimulate the economic growth of the country curbed by poor competition on the tertiary. It is in the opinion of the International Monetary Fund that this ordinance will increase the GPI of 3.3% in five years, improving the credibility of the country and its rating. The ordinance has not been approved yet by the Parliament, for that reason the guidelines can vary before the approval.

These the consequences sector by sector:


There will be a discount on the insurance premium for those who install on their car the black box. The only doubt is that the price of the installation of the black box could be higher or equal to the discount granted. Another new introduction: once the main insurance policy will expiry there is the possibility of receding from the additional policies.


The obligation of the telephone company to have the proof of consent of the client in case of costs for subscriptions offered from third parties. Moreover, there will be fines in case of change of operator before the expiry of the contract.


The ordinance would like to avoid the monopoly of S.p.A. concerning the sending of notifications and judicial documents.


Free market will start in 2018 with lower costs and quality of the services. The doubt: the costs of the free market are higher than those of the protected market and scams are higher too.


Compulsory quotation and the introduction of multi professional firms offering more favourable prices to the client.

Notary public

The documents where the presence of the notary public is requested will be reduced.


Only one person can have more than 4 licences and it will be possible to have partners investing their capital.

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